406/418SQN Dining In Night - NOVEMBER 2008

On Thursday 27th November 2008, 406 & 418 Squadrons held their annual Dining In night, at the Dandenong RSL, a club steeped in military history and fine tradition.

The evening began at 19:00 with the arrival of the guests, staff and cadets, in their finest attire, who assembled for pre dinner drinks in the ante room.

At 19:30, CCPL Zacharia Jones, President of the Mess Committee, welcomed everyone and asked them to proceed through to the dining room. This was followed by the piping in of the colours by Mr Ian Arrell, 6th Battalion Royal Victoria Regiment.

LCDT Caitlin Stern; Mr Vice, spoke on the history of military dinners, and this was followed by her saying grace, before everyone feasted on a most enjoyable and delicious three course dinner. In keeping with tradition, the main course was ceremoniously piped in to the head table and Mr. Vice, sampled it, and formally announced it fit for consumption.

Towards the end of dinner, CCPL Jones introduced our guest speaker, Mr Eris Tilley from the Royal Victorian Aero Club, who gave a brief history of the club and shared with us the intricacies of formation flying.

A ten minute recess was called and the tables were cleared, for the time honoured tradition of passing the port decanters. This was done in silence, as a mark of respect to remember the fallen service men and women of wars gone by. The various toasts were then made. This was followed by CCPL Jones thanking the various people who had contributed to the success of the evening, including Mrs Adele Nation Jones.

Towards the end of the evening the main table made a strategic withdrawal to the ante room, and Mr Vice took over the chair, armed with her gavel of mass destruction. This was indeed the time that recent misdemeanours, treachery and monkey business were laid bare, and the guilty parties were duly named, shamed and fined.

The evening was concluded at 22:30 with the piper leading the colours out. All in all a most enjoyable and memorable evening, and a big thank you to all those who attended.




© 406sqn AAFC 2008